USA 2008




A Folk Tour of the US

We have finally managed it - persuaded the Folks to take the tour of a lifetime.  In October this year we are returning once again to the USA, but this time with the Folks in tow.

As the official Tour Guides for the trip, we are taking our role very seriously (well when I say we, I actually mean me, Lorna that is, with the driver/moaner Craig).  A draft itinerary has been produced and key tour highlights outlined.  The trip itself will take us approximately three weeks and covers some of the best scenery in America.  Our plan is to return to the wonderful areas of Nevada, Arizona and Utah and do a 2,500 mile (give or take detours to ruins, old things, dead things, museums and the rest) road trip circular route all around the Grand Canyon.

Recalling how much Craig loves (ahem, yeah right) the Indian Territories, I've included plenty of time to revisit some of the more memorable places from our 2005 visit.  For 2008 we have also expanded the tour to include new areas we've never seen before.  There is so much packed into our trip that I'm already giddy with excitement.  here's a few to whet the appetite:

  • Las Vegas - tacky, bold and brash but Star Trek Experience here we come (and Warp Core Breaches all round)

  • Shooting Range - gotta give this a go and pretend we're on CSI

  • Grand Canyon Skywalk - awesome idea - walk on glass 70ft out into the canyon with a several hundred feet drop - Craig, you go first!

  • Plenty of backwater America towns, complete with the original wooden sidewalks

  • Grand Canyon itself

  • Winslow, Arizona - famous only for the Eagles song "Take it Easy"

  • Route 66 burger joints

  • Four Corners - how cool to be able to stand in four States at the same time

  • Kanab - some tiny place in southern Utah where a whole bunch of movies have been filmed

  • Zion National park

Of course, what trip to the US would be complete without a return to our favourite watering hole, the Little Ale'Inn in Rachel Nevada.  Line them beers up...........

The major benefit of taking The Folks with us is that Seniors (or Elders as they are referred to in the US) get discounts on lots of things - food, entrance fees.  So, as official carers for these eldery wayward travellers, we of course aim to get in on the act ourselves.  Incontinence pads packed, walking sticks on order, reading glasses at the ready, we're ready to give The Folks a cool tour and have lots of fun in the process, and a few surprises along the way!