Photos from Arizona










Here are the main photos from Arizona

What we loved about Arizona:

Grand Canyon Caverns - fun and interesting

The Grand Canyon - breathtaking views, wonderful walk, delightful campground

Sunset Crater & Bonito Campground - pretty location, impressive lava fields

Hopi Cultural Center - great accomodation

Canyon de Chelly - prettier and smaller than the Grand Canyon

What we did not like:

Wupatki National Monument - empty and boring

Walpi (the village in the Hopi Mesas) - squalor and a very dull tour guide

And the ok bits:

Route 66 - run down cafes and motels

Hubbell Trading Post - interesting with good Navajo goods

Gouldings Trading Post & Restaurant - nice views of the National Monument

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And here are the pictures from the Canyon De Chelly 

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And oh my pictures from the Grand Canyon


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