USA 2005




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Our first trip to the USA took us about a full year of planning, with the subsequent Nevada trip taking a much shorter time since we had a very clear idea of what we wanted to see.

Touring the USA is a surprisingly easy thing to achieve and driving it is actually quite relaxing. Both our trips avoided where necessary the bigger cities (lets face it they all look the same anyway) and concentrated on what we'd call "backwater USA". Navigating is easy and despite all the hype and TV programmes to the contrary we have seen little in the way of trouble. As one American pointed out to us "Since everyone has guns its rare anyone is going to want to mess with anyone else". Our experience has been positive for 99% of the time (Ok so there was THAT episode in Georgia with the local hicks, banjos at the ready) and indeed we have found our fellow American to be open minded, honest and curious about why the hell two English twits are driving through their little patch of backwater USA.

Without wishing to state the obvious, America is massive, and has more to see and do than can possibly be experienced in a 12 month trip, never mind a 3 month road trip. However we are quite proud that in our 3 month, 7,500 miles of travelling we can profess to having seen more of the US that most Americans have themselves.

The real key to experiencing the US, whether visiting for a week, month or even a year is to choose carefully what to see, plan driving distances realistically since distances can be greatly underestimated, and consider local motels and campsites since this brings you closer to the real US people (GPS Navigation is a definite bonus).

Many people (we know we've talked to them) don't feel comfortable visiting the US because of the gun laws or a fear of safety. We understand, we were rather worried, especially when the local Walmart stocks PPKs and bullets to add to the weekly shopping cart. However, for the main, visiting the US is no more riskier than visting Liverpool or Hemel Hempstead.

Give it a try, you would be rather surprised at the scenery.