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We love Asia, especially Japan, after our last visit there we were totally smitten with the country, the culture and the people, so we went back in 2007 for another visit.

Our good friends Stu & Jen embarked on a world tour over a 3 month period and after listening to us go on so much about Japan they decided to pay the country a visit. Now Lorna has never been one to turn down the perfect opportunity to practice her tour guide skills, so we suggested meeting up with Stu & Jen in Japan for a few days.

The stage all set, Lorna "geek" Allan all enthused and off we go to Japan, by way of Hong Kong for one night (of course). What a wonderful two weeks, seeing the things we had seen before and loads more that we didn't have chance to:

  • Hiroshima - wow what an amazing place

  • The bullet trains - they simply rock

  • A Ryokan - stopping in a traditional Japanese boarding house and bath

  • A traditional Japanese meal

  • Mount Fuji

  • Eating black eggs boiled in sulphur springs

  • Beautiful temples

  • Tokyo

  • Kyoto

  • Bubba Gumps - and Jen making mash potato faces in them

  • Japanese Baseball - Go Giants

Just so much crammed into such a small space of time and the chance to catch up with Stu & Jen to hear all about their travels so far.

And that was our appetite sated for Japan (well for 2007 anyway).

So have a look at the pictures at the top, with some of the video clips from the trip.


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