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Well what can we say about us

Hi there, we are Craig and Lorna Allan, both young(ish) and realised that we had both missed the "gap year" opportunity afforded to students, so we decided to take our gap year(s) at a stage where we could afford it and really enjoy it.

Its not really as simple as that though, we have both worked long and hard in the IT industry for some key organisations for very little personal gain. We are both fully qualified IT Project Managers who simply want a little more from life, but rather than waiting until we are in our late 60s to enjoy it, we decided to enjoy life now.

In August 2005 Lorna quit her job as Operational Services Manager, running the IT Operational Support for a large City Council. Craig took a sabbatical from his job as a Project Manager for a software house. So in 2005 we took 3 months to travel the USA from San Francisco to Orlando camping most of the way and seeing life in small-town USA.

In April 2006 Craig realised after returning to his role that nothing had really changed and this was not really the place he wanted to be, it was obvious that new horizons needed to be sought.

Let's think about it for a minute, you work your whole life (to 60, 65 or even 70) only to be able to enjoy it when you are retired and unable to appreciate it. So why not do it the other way, enjoy life while you are young and worry about old age later on (not very forward thinking we know, but would you rather travel when you are young or when you are incontinent and dribbling in your cornflakes?).

Long story short, we sold our house, quit our jobs and decided to look for new challenges.

Those that know us think we are doing a brave thing, those that dont know us well may think we are stupid, who knows which one is right, but at least we will not be wondering "what might have been" when we get older. How many people can say "I had a dream and tried....."

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